SSO Support


Implemented SSO support for OKTA identity provider to allow SSO enabled users (company-level enablement) to log into The Connected World using their company’s SSO credentials, which eliminates the need for users to maintain multiple sets of credentials (company and C2F).

How it Works:

  1. Company instance is enabled for SSO support by an internal C2F Administrator.
  2. When accessing The Connected World login screen, user clicks the SSO Login button instead of entering their Email and Password.
  3. User is redirected to sign in with their company’s SSO.

Other Considerations:

How to obtain the necessary information within an Azure environment :

  1. Log into Azure AD
  2. Navigate to App Registrations
  3. Add New Registration
  1. Click Add a certificate/secret to create secret (this should generate client secret)
  2. From overview click on endpoints
  • Get OpenID Connect MetaData link or individual endpoints/tenant ID